Taking Back Niagara Falls Begins with the Residents!

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By: Terri Kline

Community Organizer

In a perfect world, when we elect City Officials we should be able to trust that they will do what is best for the city and the citizens within the city. During campaigning, the promises flow like the Niagara Falls!

But in the real world, if we are not holding them accountable, no one is! If we are not being present to express our concerns, than that is when the corruption begins. It than continues until we end up how the City of Niagara Falls is today. This didn’t happen overnight, this is decades of corruption!

I hold myself accountable as well. I should have been more involved in previous years; attending council meetings, voting regularly, expressing concerns to my City Officials, etc. I cannot expect to show up at a few council meetings and expect things to change overnight; it is not a realistic demand.

I have observed during the last few Council Meetings I have attended, that with the increased presence of citizens, I think the City Council is ready to fight! Yes, they should have been fighting the “corruption” with the City Government all along, but I feel that with the citizens actually coming out and speaking their concerns, it’s giving them a new view on the way things are being run.

They are demanding answers, requesting documentation, and beginning to hold the Administration accountable. I for one can say it was amazing to see, at Wednesday’s Council Meeting. (Special shot out to Ken Tompkins and Chris Voccio) You guys were really representing the citizens of Niagara Falls!

We as citizens need to come out and hold all City Officials accountable; express concerns, demand answers, remind them that they work for us. Without us, there would be no city.

We as citizens also need to vote regularly! We are the ones that put these City Officials in office. If you are not voting, than your voice is not being heard as well!

I encourage everyone to visit and like our page on Facebook; Taking Back Niagara Falls – Be Informed. We will be posting articles and information pertaining to the long, but very possible road ahead of us! We also will be posting events to upcoming Council Meetings, “Let’s Talk Budget” and other community events, to get everyone involved. We will be posting information on voting registration and important voting dates that are coming up!

Please help us have our voices heard. The greater numbers, the more impact we will have!! Niagara Falls is home to a lot of us, let’s take her Back!! I hope you will join us in this fight!!

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