Surprises in Store for Falls’ Residents and Visitors Alike

By Moose Jr.

The City of Niagara Falls never fails to amaze me. Who could believe that a 44 million dollar construction project could sit 75 feet from a nuclear dump site marked with a sign “CAUTION, RADIOACTIVE MATERIALS AREA.” Is it possible no one noticed the sign before or during construction and kept quiet? I’m sure the residents of the area would like to know who abandoned the nuclear pile disguised with a tarp looking like a pile of topsoil and who is supposed to clean it up.
This is a new experience for tourists too. They can take the train to Niagara Falls and land at a “beautiful” new train station and walk out to take a taxi to the Falls. While they wait, tourists can read the sign telling them they are in close proximity to a radioactive dump site.
Maybe we can ask the Mayor’s office to give us the list of all the radioactive sites or does anybody really know where they all are? When I take my two young grandchildren to see Niagara Falls, is there somebody who can tell me where to go so I don’t accidently expose them to potential radiation. After all, what should you believe, a Geiger counter’s reading or the opinion of our honest government?
Here’s a message to tourists who want to experience the majesty of Niagara Falls: Come to Niagara Falls by train and view one of the greatest natural wonders of the world. You’ll go home glowing, perhaps more than one way!

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