Super Clips in Niagara Falls Goes Above & Beyond for Homeless Man

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The owners of Super Clips on Military Road in Niagara Falls, displayed what it means to be a neighbor this week.

Samantha Bassett, co-owner of the hair salon, had become accustomed to homeless individuals wandering up to their storefront.

On this particular occasion, however, Samantha decided to do something a little different.

In a statement to Totally Buffalo, Samantha described her motivation for going above and beyond for a stranger:

“I just figured, you know, I think we should do something nice for him. I’ve seen him so many times, but I saw, I noticed, that his shoes had holes. His feet were literally hanging out. So, I figured we’d clean him up. We went and bought him socks, underwear, shirts, shorts and shoes. I think it made him feel human again.”

This is not the only instance of Samantha, and Super Clips generally, being neighborly.

As of last week, Super Clips has handed out over 7,000 free hair cut cards to all of the schools in Niagara Falls.

They were also out at the Air Show over the weekend handing out cards as well.

“Well you know,” said Samantha, “a lot of families just don’t have the money. It’s only $10 for a kids cut, but you know, if you have 3, 4 or 5 kids, it adds up so we thought we would help out.”

Take a trip to Super Clips, located at 8353 Niagara Falls Blvd., the next time you need a haircut!!




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