The Status Quo Must Go

The Primary election is over and the stage is now set for the General election in November.  We know who the players are, so what are we going to do make a real difference in the lives of the people of Niagara Falls?

Something has to change.  That much is certain.  Elections don’t wipe the slate clean, but they are a good start.

If you are happy with the highest unemployment in the state, stay the course.

If you are satisfied with the highest violent and property crime rates in the state, stay the course.

If you have no problem with the nearly highest rates of poverty and taxation per capita in the state, stay the course.

But if you want to see things change, think about what your vote means, and who will act to make things move differently.

The incumbents in office seeking reelection do not represent change.  They are the portrait of the status quo, moving in lock step with a Mayor who has not done anything to effectively improve the lives of the citizens of Niagara Falls.  Albany has been a relentless bully against Niagara Falls, taking its lunch money and leaving it lost and lonely in the corner of the state.  Who can you elect that will likely stand up for Niagara Falls?  In other words, who is more likely to take Gov. Andrew Cuomo to task?

Examine the choices, be they Democrat or Republican.  Look at the relationships between Mayor Dyster and the candidates, and how they work together.  Do they work for the benefit of the taxpayer, for their donor friends, or for their buddies in Albany?  What dynamic represents the best chance to make a change in the next four years?

November is only a few short weeks away.  The cast of characters who will direct the course of government for the next four years will be decided then.  Make your choice and make a change for the better.

We need to elect a City Council that will stand up to Albany!

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