Spreading Christmas Cheer: Niagara Falls Attorney Delivers Holiday Cheer to Autistic Child

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By: Staff Reporter

Christmas is traditionally known as the season of giving. Over the past several weeks, the Niagara Reporter has highlighted numerous initiatives where individuals or organizations have sought to give back to the community and spread holiday cheer. A link to our most recent online edition with those stories can be found here: https://www.niagarafallsreporter.com/december-23rd-2020-edition-of-the-niagara-reporter-newspaper/.

On December 25th, 2020, we learned of another heartwarming story where a family who had gone through several months of challenges received help with providing a special Christmas for their autistic  16-year-old son.

“About a week ago I was contacted by a family who needed some help with Christmas,” wrote Niagara Falls Attorney Jenelle Faso on social media. “Their son, Anthony, is autistic and has had two surgeries over the past several months after being in a car accident earlier this year. To make matters worse, Anthony’s cat Piglet had to be put down last week.”

Anthony’s mother, Janine, detailed her family’s hardships to the Niagara Reporter including that her husband is disabled and she recently just started back to work.

“I’m not usually one to ask for help,” said Janine, “but with everything that’s happened this past year due to the pandemic, our car accident, Anthony’s two surgeries, and our cat being put down, he deserves a nice Christmas.”


Anthony with his new coat and boots.


Faso told the Niagara Reporter that she learned from Anthony’s mother that he was in need of a coat, boots, in addition to some different things that he was into such as Star Wars and the New York Giants. Overall, Faso said that she was able to get him a coat, boots, Xbox gift card, football, books, and a puzzle.

Anthony was so grateful that he recorded a special thank you message to Faso on Christmas Day. The full video can be found below:



Anthony’s mother described to the Niagara Reporter that Anthony absolutely loved the gifts.

“He absolutely loved the gifts and was so thrilled when he saw the football,” said Janine. “You don’t know how much this truly was a blessing in so many ways. Seeing my son smile was the best gift I could have gotten on Christmas.”

It is safe to say that Anthony received everything he wanted for Christmas.

“During a time with so many challenges, I am glad we were able to bring a smile to his face on Christmas,” said Faso.

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