Sportsmen’s Concert Big Hit for SoleTurn, More to Come

By Tony Farina

“It was awesome! Kind of brought a new set of people to the Sportsmen’s Tavern in Buffalo, lots of suburbanites like myself who really had a great time rocking to SoleTurn’s terrific show.”

Those are the words of Daren Senfield of Orchard Park who along with many of his friends packed the legendary Sportsmen’s Tavern on Saturday night, March 23, to hear SoleTurn, a rock band with a rhythm and vibe that seems to reach everyone.

SoleTurn: Vik Bhargava performing Saturday with his bandmates Zachary Michael, Patrick Mudd and Rob Helms

SoleTurn’s lead vocalist Vik Bhargava, along with band members Zachary Michael, Rob Helms, and Patrick Mudd played their hearts out with their mix of new and old and had the audience just enjoying themselves for the entire performance, not missing a beat.

Bass player Zachary Michael performing at Sportsmen’s

On the keyboards is Patrick Mudd

“They brought the whole room together, everybody singing along,” was the response of Megan Bennett who said the audience was just blown away by SoleTurn’s music.  “It was magical.”

Megan Bennet with lead singer Vik Bhargava

My daughter Roseanne had the same reaction, telling me “Dad, they are really good.  Glad you brought me.”

Sportsmen’s owner Dwayne Hall said it was a good night, and he was obviously happy about the sold out house.

“They are a nice group, really nice,” said Hall who said they will certainly be back to the Sportsmen’s club later this year.  “They were refreshing and new,” said Hall.   “We all enjoyed it so much and the crowd just loved them.”

It may be a launching point for this group as many other shows have quickly lined up according to their booking agent, said the respected veteran Jerry Meyers.

“They are just doing great and we have lots planned,” said Meyers.  “They will be playing two shows at the Public House in Hamburg, April 20 and June 29, from 7 to 10 each night, and also Outdoors in Niagara Falls on Old Falls Street on Aug. 30 from 5 to 7 p.m.”

All of this going on as they put the finishing touches on their debut album, The Soundtrack of Our Youth, coming out soon.

Vik Bhargava

SoleTurn definitely packs a music punch with their smooth blend of old and new and judging by the audience response at Sportsmen’s, they connect.

“Everybody just felt alive,” said Megan Bennett.  “It was truly a magical night, one to remember.”

Watch a video from Saturday night here.




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