Special Prosecutor Appointed in Wojtaszek Probe

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By: Tony Farina

Monroe County District Atty. Sandra Doorley has been appointed as the special prosecutor to investigate bid-rigging claims by former State Sen. George Maziarz against one of his former top assistants.

State Supreme Justice Paula Feroleto, administrative judge for the 8th Judicial District, made the appointment of Doorley in response to a request from Niagara County DA Carolyn Wojtaszek.

Maziarz has accused Henry Wojtaszek, a former top aide, of steering a Niagara County grant writing contract to a favored firm.

Wojtaszek has called the claims “baseless,” saying they have been investigated by several agencies and resulted in no charges against anyone.

DA Wojtaszek requested the special prosecutor because her husband was the target of Maziarz’s accusations.


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