The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

Our Rule of Law comprises three branches of the government; the Legislative (makes the laws), the Judicial (interprets the law) and the Executive (enforces the law).

The President is the Chief Executive and Chief Law Enforcement officer. He is the boss of the Department of Justice. He can listen to ANY eavesdropping matter by ANY of the intelligence Agencies, like NSA, FBI, CIA, et al. He can open or close any investigation by any agency. He can review the evidence collected by ANY Agency in the entire government, period, no exception!

In the early 1950’s when Ike was elected President, he called the Director of Area 51 to the White House and asked him to explain what was in Area 51. The “Director” apologized to Ike and said that he wasn’t cleared for that info. An irate Ike called in the Secretary of State and told him to take some MPs and go to Area 51 and find out what’s going on, and if they refused access to call and Ike will send the 1st Army down there to go through every room! The Director changed his mind and the President learned all he wanted to know!

During my some 28 years as an FBI Agent I had to sign off on DOJ directives when they came down. One such directive was that the DOJ “must” approve the initiation of ANY FBI investigation on ANY elected official BEFORE it can be opened. So when the Washington “Compost” or NY “Behind the Times” reports from anonymous sources that the President is “under investigation” and the President says, “No, I’m not!” Who do you think is telling the truth?

You know it’s one thing to say that the Democrats don’t like Trump. The fact that they LOST BIG is not justification to try to disrupt the presidency, our country, our Rule of Law and civility with rioting, disgusting displays of self pity with vile verbal, video and photo attacks on the President, his wife and kids. AND… guess what despicable person is the leader behind it all…Barack Hussein Obama, that’s who! What kind of former President would form a “revolutionary army” of 32,000 people working out of 250 offices throughout the US and align himself with the likes of ACORN, Move on .org, Black Lives Matter, and build up $40 million in reserves? All to overthrow the government that “he” swore to protect, preserve and defend!

Democrats, Liberals drop your purse, man up and support our duly elected President! If President Trump doesn’t put a stop to the Special Executioner …sorry…Prosecutor, he will be spend all his time defending phony charges! This is a hatchet job if ever there was one. Mueller is a close personal and professional friend of Comey, according to Comey under oath. That is a DIRECT conflict of interest that the law on special prosecutors explicitly prohibits, and states that the Special Prosecutor MUST resign!

Mueller is hiring Clinton Foundation lawyers and Clinton donors! C’mon man, at least try to hide your biases, a former FBI Director can lie better than that!! Mueller is spending taxpayer’s money like a drunk sailor that will likely total hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars, for WHAT? To disrupt the Presidency so the President can’t do his job and protect us! We said by our votes, decisively, we want a President Trump and nobody else, protecting us and our family!

So President Trump, JUST DO IT!

The President must direct Sessions to order Mueller to temporarily, “stand down,” take a time out, stop hiring, stop “investigating,” until the President can determine 1. Can the Country afford Mueller’s drunken spending spree? 2 Is there a serious conflict of interest, as it appears? 3. Can Mueller and a team of Clinton sympathizer lawyers do what the FBI and trained investigators couldn’t do in 7 months, and that is find something wrong?

After taking control, the President should order a review of all the investigations past – like Hillarygate, Fast and Furious – and present – like obstruction by Lynch, and also the Russia thing; but by DOJ, not Mueller, and make a determination as to whether or not a Special Executioner should go forward. But take your time and do a very thorough evaluation even if it takes several years, as this is REALLY important! Then discuss his findings with the House and Senate and come to a mutual decision that Mueller should be FIRED!

In the mean time, get on with protecting us and running the country before the North Koreans blow the hell out of us or ISIS detonates a suitcase bomb in Manhattan delivered by a refugee from … a banned Country !!!

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