SPANBAUER: The Change That Is Needed

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Candidate John Spanbauer


By: John Spanbauer

Candidate for Niagara Falls City Council

I love the city of Niagara Falls, where I was fortunate to be born and raised. It is that deep love that makes me extremely fearful of the direction in which the city is heading, and that is why I am a candidate for the Niagara Falls City Council.

On Tuesday, Nov. 5, voters will elect a new mayor and two council members. This election provides an opportunity to change the direction of the city, as the newly elected officials will with work with the three existing council member either to keep the city on its path toward destruction or in a direction that brings hope for the future.

I am a candidate who wants to change the way this city operates by being a voice for the taxpayers of Niagara Falls. Webster defines change as “to give a different position, course, or direction to.”  I believe I can do that.   The city’s taxpayers no longer can afford the irresponsible spending decisions past leadership has provided.  As we all know, our city is facing financial hardship. The budget is in a catastrophic state, and the chances of achieving a realistic budget appear to be unreachable with current operations and payroll obligations that are in place. And the city’s financial situation is going to get worse before it gets better.

My platform has been very clear. For this city to move forward, the first and foremost priority is to get our city’s finances in order.  I have supported reducing the cost of and/or improving operations in ways that produce more cost effective and efficient results. Not surprisingly, my fiscally responsible approach has not been supported by any of the city’s unions. Therefore, I have not been endorsed by any of the union political action committees.  The one and only endorsement I am seeking, however, is from the voters of Niagara Falls.

If I am elected, I will work collaboratively with our city’s administration, union leadership, community organizations, and, most importantly, our city residents to create a strategic plan to improve the fiscal practices of this city.  I am fully supportive of the need for economic development. We must work collaboratively with all agencies to take advantage of the current economic strengths in Western New York, capitalizing on tourism to generate new economic development and employment opportunities.

There is much work to be done to change the downward spiral of Niagara Falls!  It starts with a city government that works together with this guiding thought: live like our families do…on a responsible budget.  I am capable, committed and passionate in my quest to make Niagara Falls a city to be proud of! I am endorsed by the Republican, Conservative, Independence and Green parties, and now I want to be endorsed by you, the voters.

Vote John Spanbauer on Tuesday, Nov. 5, for a NEW LEADER, with a NEW VISION, who wants to take this city in a NEW DIRECTION.


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