Source: Cuomo Finds Ceretto Cushy Job at State Parks

This just in:

Since publishing our article on “Are Democrats Scrambling to Find a Job for Ceretto”, we have been informed that former Assemblyman John Ceretto (Democrat  -> Republican -> Democrat) has landed a job with NY State Parks and will be stationed at the Niagara Falls State Park.
His “title” will be “Project Coordinator”.
Thanks to the efforts of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who lured John away from the Republicans last year in time to lose his seat to Republican Angelo Morinello, Ceretto is starting next week, according to our source.
There is no salary listed for this position on the State Parks website, since it seems to have been created purely for Ceretto and is a patronage position with no specific, discernible duties.
The salary is expected to be $80,000 per year.
Ceretto has not taken a civil service exam, and this new position, of course, is not a competitive one.
It’s a political hire position without an official salary grade. There is no exam for it.

John Ceretto, pictured here when he was a Republican, which was after he was a Democrat and before he was a Democrat again, pointing out scenery of interest at one of the Three Sisters Islands at the Niagara Falls State Park.

(To learn more, go to and search “project coord” in the search box. Then click the title on the search results page, click “view a breakdown of positions by county” in the first paragraph of the job title page, and you will see one (1) position in Niagara county with 49040 as the agency code. That is NYS Parks agency code).
Deputy Commissioner of Parks for this area is Mark Thomas. It is believed he plans to retire within the next year or so, and move back to Chautauqua County. Thomas could potentially groom John for his director job when he leaves.
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