SoleTurn Has Big Eclipse Night Planned on the Lake

By Tony Farina

The weather is looking up here in the Buffalo area for next Monday’s total solar eclipse and the path of totality will cover Western New York that is now jamming up with visitors from near and far to view (with eclipse glasses, of course) the rare celestial event when the moon completely covers the sun from one of the very best locations.

City governments will shut down in Buffalo and Niagara Falls for the day with the total eclipse starting at 3:18 p. m. in Buffalo and lasting for 3 minutes and 22 seconds, give or take a tick both ways.

And one of the very best viewing areas next Monday, April 8, for all of it will be a private residence in Hamburg on the Lake Erie shore where the super-hot rock band SoleTurn, which just sold out the Sportsmen’s Tavern and is booked for several other shows in the coming weeks at area venues, will play an eclipse concert of their own making for folks who make it there (I will).

SoleTurn’s recent performance at Sportmen’s was a sold out show

Among the highlights will be SoleTurn’s performance of Pink Floyd’s song “Eclipse” which was on their 1973 “Dark Side of the Moon” album, and according to Sole Turn lead vocalist Vik Bhargava “a quintessential album of rock music.  I think it is one of the longest charted albums in history on billboard.”  In this case, Vik and the gang believe while it may a kind of a cliché to play the album, but “sometimes clichés are a beautiful thing.”

Vik and the gang including Zachary Michael, Rob Helms, and Patrick Mudd, will also do “Man on the Moon,” no pun intended, as they love to cover great music as well as write their own wonderful mix of young and old that just wowed the crowd at Sportsmen’s on Saturday, March 23.

Also featured at the eclipse event will be a videography of Vik and Zach performing with great footage of the eclipse over the lake.

This latest venture by SoleTurn comes as the buzz grows about their upcoming debut of their studio album “The Soundtrack of Our Youth” which will be released later this year.

SoleTurn’s logo has a bit of a celestial image if you let your imagination go to work, and that’s what this group does.  It imagines and performs to connect with people and they do a terrific job in that regard.  Just fun to watch and listen this group do its thing.

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