SMOKE AND MIRRORS: Piccirillo Silent on Simple LVT Questions

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Mayoral candidate Seth Piccirillo has failed to answer simple questions regarding his proposed Land Value Tax (“LVT”). Such questions are:

Who would sponsor it in the Assembly?

Who would sponsor it in the Senate?

Is there a desire for this at the state level?

Does DeBlasio want this in NYC (his opinion weighs heavily in NYS politics)?

Does the downstate caucus support LVT (hardly anything this big happens without their support)?

Do you have every Democratic Senator on board (the majority is razor thin)?

How long would the process take to pass it through the state?

When would it take effect?

How long would it take for the city to adopt it?

How would it impact the city’s $12 million deficit?

How much would it cost to re-evaluate all the properties?

How long would it take to recoup the cost of the assessment?

Does the county and school board want this?

Do the surrounding towns want this?

If applied selectively to downtown only, targeting certain developers or land speculators, how many years and how many millions in lawsuits would the city be willing to spend defending it?

Proposals that won’t ever happen are not true ideas, but rather intentional deception.

Facts matter. 


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