Sign ‘to’ the Falls points ‘away’ from the Falls

See the mist from the falls in the distance?

Say what?

A sign supposedly directing tourists to Niagara Falls on the corner of Niagara and Third Streets actually (deliberately?) points tourists away from the Falls and down Third Street. As the picture above shows, it is ironic, if not laughably stupid.

Note: The sign should be pointing straight ahead. Our proof? The mist from the falls can be seen a few hundred feet ahead. One of our readers, whose business is directly between the falls and the sign, contacted the Reporter.

“Coming down Main Street they have a sign, a blue and white sign to the falls, it points down Third Street instead of straight to the falls. I called the DOT about it, called the corporation guy three or four times and they said ‘no, we’re leaving the sign like that, we got to help Third Street out, the hell with the tourists.’ The white waterfalls sign on the corner of Third and Main should be pointing down Main Street, not Third.”

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