Shmueli To Be Arrested? The Power Of The Press And The Police May Topple The King Con

Shmuel Shmueli

Shmuel Shmueli

This publication has been running an ongoing series on the notorious conman and serial defrauder, Shmuel Shmueli, who we have dubbed King Con. We have repeatedly laid out a number of Shmueli schemes – including fraud that he has committed against this writer and several area attorneys.

Artvoice has learned that there is now an “active investigation” into Shmueli being conducted by the Niagara Falls Police Department based on the complaint of a Niagara Falls landlord victim of Shmueli, which we reported on in our January 7, 2016 edition (

Major Bryan DalPorto 107th Airlift Wing’s Force Support Squadron (FSS) Commander was named the new police superintendent for the city of Niagara Falls N. Y. Mayor Paul Dyster and wife Eveyln DalPorto pin the badge and rank on Jan, 4, 2013 (Air National Guard Photo/Senior Master Sgt Ray Lloyd)

Niagara Falls Police Supt. Bryan DalPorto confirmed there is an ‘active investigation’, into alleged criminal conduct of Shmuel Shmueli.

As you read this, an ace team of Niagara Falls detectives is actively working on the case. Shmueli is being investigated as having swindled money from the landlord at the criminal felony level.

Niagara Falls Supt. Bryan DalPorto told this publication, “There is an active investigation of filing false instruments. The dollar amount rises to a felony level and we’re investigating it fully. If we find there was criminal activity, he will be charged.”

Police say they are considering several charges. Shmueli, who is reportedly in Israel, may be extradited to stand charges in the USA.

“It will be up to the DA’s office [extradition],” said DalPorto, “it is an extraditable offense.”

DalPorto said that a D-felony for a scheme to defraud is the likely charge in this case.

“But there could be several counts against Mr. Shmueli; there could be other charges,” DalPorto said.

A non-violent D felony charge carries a penalty of up to seven years in prison.

“That target may move,” DalPorto said. “If there are other charges, the judge can sentence him concurrently or consecutively.”

Stay tuned as we continue next week our series on conman, Shmuel Shmueli.

Artist’s conception: the fall of Shmueli

Artist’s conception: the fall of Shmueli


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