Sen. Gillibrand’s father worked for NXIVM, quit after 4 months, then Salzman falsely accused him of sexual harassment

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U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand said she now thinks Bill Clinton should have resigned as President because of the various sexual abuse allegations that were made against him before and after he was elected President.

As a result, I think it’s fair to ask her, [and the other US Senator for New York State, Chuck Schumer] to hold hearings on NXIVM, a sexually abusive cult that brands women on their pubic region and blackmails them into silence.

Sen. Gillibrand is making a stand against a member of her own party, the former Democratic President, Bill Clinton. Quite possibly she knows something about NXIVM and its abuse of the legal process because the Senator’s own father, Douglas P. Rutnik, once worked for NXIVM for four months.

It’s fair to state that Mr. Rutnik, an attorney who offered his services as a consultant and legal adviser, soon found out just how devious and dangerous the cult of Keith Raniere is.

Mr. Rutnik was retained as a consultant and legal adviser by NXIVM in 2004, at the rate of $25,000 per month. He was hired to help them resolve an array of legal and political problems that were hampering NXIVM’s operations – or so he thought. One of those problems concerned the long-overdue payment that Raniere owed to the New York State Attorney General because of his closed-down Consumers’ Buyline operation.

All this stuff happened long before Mr. Rutnik’s daughter became a US Senator.

Mr. Rutnick’s main contact person was Nancy Salzman. After four months, Mr. Rudnik decided to quit, having been informed of possible illegal activities that NXIVM and Mr. Raniere were involved in.

NXIVM decided he could not just quit. They decided to sue Mr. Rutnik and, as an additional threatening gesture, NXIVM reared false allegations of ‘sexual harassment’ against, of all people, Nancy Salzman.

The lie was despicable, but Mr. Rutnik had seen enough. He settled by simply returning every dollar they had paid him. In short, Mr. Rutnik ended up receiving no payment for  the services he provided to NXIVM.

In light of the revelations of longstanding sexual abuse by Mr. Raniere, has the time come for Senator Gillibrand to request hearings about whether law enforcement on the federal level should conduct a serious investigation?

Senator Gillibrand’s concerns about former President Clinton are issues that occurred in the past. Sexual abuse and exploitation are going on right now in her backyard by Keith Raniere.

If she needs to get some firsthand knowledge of the way this cult lies, and abuses the system, she need only ask her father.

This is not to disparage Mr. Rutnik. He was a victim of this vicious, women-abusing, criminal cult and its leader, Keith Raniere.

Here is the legal settlement agreement with NXIVM and Mr. Rutnik.

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