Second Time a Charm? Choolokian Announces Bid for Mayor in Niagara Falls

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By: Frank Parlato

Last week on Niagara Glenn A. Choolokian announced that he is running for mayor in the city of Niagara Falls as a Republican candidate. Choolokian said that his campaign will be about bringing people together for a stronger community and a better future for our city.

Choolokian stated, “sometimes, people are so frustrated that they are tempted to throw up their hands in disgust and walk away, I understand their feelings. But I know that there is a bright future in front of us as long as we don’t give up on our city or ourselves. Working together, we can do better! That is why I am running for Mayor.”

“The only way that Niagara Falls could change is for the people of Niagara Falls to get their fill of the lack of quality government and for them to vote for person that has the experience and track record of positive accomplishments,” said Choolokian. 

Choolokian stated that with his extensive knowledge of the city budget and back ground in contracts and the inner workings of city government he is the best qualified candidate for mayor. 

Choolokian said he is excited in the upcoming election and would love to welcome anyone that would like to get involved in his campaign.


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