Second Amendment Watch: The Purpose of the Second Amendment against Obama’s Planned Executive Order

President Barrack Obama plans to announce he will issue an executive order to expand background checks and increase enforcement of gun control laws in the name of safety for the people.

In so doing, government shall assume greater power against the people in deciding who shall not have the rights declared in the Second Amendment.

President Obama’s planned limitations will not be as sweeping as he once suggested; and many support his stated objective to solve the nation’s crime problem through limiting the Second Amendment.

This executive order seeks to preclude the ability of specific classes of people to arm themselves, and limit all people in how they arm themselves, in order to potentially prevent murder and mayhem. It also limits the people’s power to arrest the government should it advance murder and mayhem.

For all the talk about the Second Amendment being arcane if it means anything other than hunting or limited self-defense – when one cannot flee and must stand his ground – had there been no right in Colonial times, later reduced to writing as the Second Amendment, the American people might now be under the yoke of the British, its successor, or conqueror.

That the people need not obey a tyrant is the purpose of the Second Amendment.

Future executive orders could suspend trial by jury, or the right of juries to render absolute verdicts of acquittal, or freedom of religion, or some religions, or freedom of travel abroad, or within the nation, or freedom of speech, or certain kinds of speech, or print, or internet, or expand search and seizure, or rather surveillance of the people, or change reproductive rights, or suspend reproduction rights, or limit them, or suspend certain rights to work or not to work, or suspend the right of voting for some or all classes of people.

Tyranny requires the elimination of the Second Amendment.


It is not that we, the people, intend or desire to overthrow the present government, but that the people need to be able to deter, to resist, and, if need be, overthrow a tyrannical government.

In the past, it did not come from voting; it was aided by rights embodied in the First and Sixth Amendments – but from Lexington to Concord – the rights stated in the Second Amendment established the United States.

The Second Amendment must be preserved to the point of adherence to its purpose which is that the collective force of arms in the hands of the people should be great enough to confront the tyrant who would rule in the cloak of patriotism, or religion, or would have us crouch down and lick the hand which rules us in the name of our own good.


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