Saraceno Receives Multiple Endorsements in City Court Judge Race

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By: Staff Reporter

Dominic Saraceno, candidate for Niagara Falls City Court Judge, announced he has formally been endorsed by the Niagara County Conservative Party and the Western New York Association of Retired Law Enforcement Personnel. Saraceno believes this latest round of broad support signifies that he is the right choice to become the next sitting Judge in Niagara Falls City Court.

“This Judicial race is about qualifications and experience.  Qualifications are acquired through legal and life experiences.  These are qualities a voter must consider when supporting a Judge.  My entire personal and professional life has been directed towards acquiring the qualifications necessary to be a Judge,” said Saraceno. He continued “I want to thank the Niagara County Conservative Party members and Chairman Ross, as well as the Western New York Association of Retired Law Enforcement Personnel and President Paul Beakman, for acknowledging my over 20 years of experience as a public defender and criminal defense attorney.”

“We firmly believe that Dominic Saraceno will be fair and unbiased for every resident of Niagara Falls.  He has demonstrated that throughout his career as a public defender,” said Paul Beakman (President of the Western New York Association of Retired Law Enforcement Personnel).   Chairman William L. Ross echoed these sentiments and added “The party’s interview committee found Dominic Saraceno to be a well-qualified candidate based on his knowledge and experience among a strong field of candidates for the position of Niagara Falls City Court Judge.”

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