Roscettis Support Their Son for Niagara Falls City Court Judge

James, Alan. Alexander and Paula Roscetti

Dear Friend:

We are writing to ask for your VOTE for our son, Alan James Roscetti, for Niagara Falls City Court Judge in the upcoming primary on September 12.

Alan is running on all party lines, so your vote will be both important and appreciated.

We assure you that he will be an excellent Judge; fair, firm, respectful, honest and compassionate.

He has the ability and experience for the position, and those same traits make him an excellent father to his son.

Alan attended Duke University for his undergraduate degree.  He could have stayed in the south, but he made the decision to return north, go to the University at Buffalo Law School, and to live in Niagara Falls to work with his father’s firm and reside in the home his grandfather built in 1950 on 28th Street.  With his son, there have been four generations that have lived in that house; which by coincidence is a block away from the house where his mother was raised and where his grandmother (Sophia Peunic) has resided for over 90 years.

Alan was a member of the Boy’s and Girl’s club and played little league baseball, soccer and basketball in the City leagues.

So, we are confident when we tell you he knows Niagara Falls and its residents, and is the best qualified candidate for the position of Niagara Falls City Court Judge.

Thank you for your consideration.


Jim & Paula

James C. Roscetti

Paula (Peunic) Roscetti

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