Robert Restaino Endorsed by Libertarian Party in Niagara Falls Mayoral Race

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Niagara Falls Mayoral Candidate Robert M. Restaino.


The Libertarian Party of Niagara County endorsed Robert M. Restaino for the office of Mayor of the city of Niagara Falls, NY. 

In issuing the endorsement, local Libertarian Party Chairperson, Kathy Ligammari stated, “Robert has expressed views central to the principles of our party, individual liberty and limits on government interference in business growth and development. His position on the reduction of partisanship in order to spur economic growth in the City, is sorely needed in Niagara Falls. Robert Restaino is our choice for the office of Mayor for Niagara Falls.”

Notably, Restaino has already been endorsed by the Democratic Party, Conservative Party, Independence Party, and numerous unions. 


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