The Right Side:  Trump and Clinton’s …Medical Records: LET’S SEE THEM!             

By J Gary DiLaura;

Reportedly, Mr. Trump is in good health and Hillary maybe…not so much! So we the American people demand to see if the two candidates are physically and mentally fit to be president!

The below  information is ALL OVER THE INTERNET but goes UNREPORTED by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and on and on! I have seen her many falls, numerous times, on video and have seen the “seizure”, the uncontrolled laughing and coughing!

In my opinion, Medical information is and should be personal and NOT available to government organizations and other agencies unless the individual agrees or they are running for President of the United States! According to Obama care, however, everybody’s medical information MUST be reported on the “OBAMA” computers that our doctors now MUST use. This was Hillary and BO’s idea! Their philosophy is, “If you control some one’s health, you control them”.

As an “aside”, as a result of Obama Care guess what happens NOV 1st ?  ALL health insurance premiums are skyrocketing (my plan will go UP 17%, ) how about yours’? ALSO some 17% of Obama Care health insurers are QUITING Obama Care and there will be ONE provider in MANY States. That means monopoly and skyrocketing health costs, according to a detailed Fox News report 8-21-16!

Regarding the election, we have two Presidential candidates whose mental and physical condition should be COMPLETELY revealed to the voting public especially since one of the two, Hillary, reportedly has serious health issues! Remember she was hospitalized for almost a year after her 2012 fall!

Before the  12-17-12 fall, Hillary, had been having balance problems for several years.When she fell suffered a serious concussion resulting in a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). Her people report that a transverse sinus thrombosis was diagnosed which resulted in chronic anticoagulation therapy (Coumadin) AND special glasses for double vision! The Secretary of State’s Chief of Staff Huma Abadin said that Hillary is “often confused” and needs constant attention and assistance that ranges from aid for physical help to memory lapses and other medical problems. The email below was sent by Abadin on 1-26-13.

Then there’s the video  some MD’s are calling a Grand Mall Seizure on 7-23-16 videoed from both front and back and which I viewed on the internet but is not reported nor investigated by main stream news! Numerous medical people are saying that this is REAL, extremely serious and must be explained. I certainly believe we are owed an explanation as I believe it was a real seizure, look at her face during the seizure! Many say she is definitely not physically fit to be President! That was NOT Hillary fooling around!

Now, Secret Service leaks on 8-14-16 are confirming what I say. I still say that Hillary won’t make it to the election!


I believe Hillary CANNOT handle extemporaneous questions and answers, as in a Press Conference, and that’s why she does not do PCs, interviews, answer any questions and will absolutely fall “flat on her face” in a one on one debates! She will try to use a hidden ear piece for “off stage” help, or cry and call it sexual intimidation or stomp off the stage at the slightest excuse, as soon as she starts to lose. OR she won’t do them due to a “minor” health issue. I don’t see her doing or surviving a debate. She WILL find a CLINTON way out! My opini

I certainly do not wish anything like a brain injury on anyone but come on man… she’s running for the President of the United States!! Hillary’s aids and others say that she has to hold onto the arm or hand of “whomever” for balance! Is that who you want to run your country? She couldn’t walk to her car after her DNC address and had to sit and rest!

We are entitled to know exactly what is going on with Hillary Clinton’s health, whether both or neither candidate is physically and mentally fit to be President!!

We are entitled to see BOTH candidates’ complete medical records. I am sure Mr. Trump won’t object…let’s go Hillary…Obama Care was your idea …full disclosure!

By the way did you see the Clinton’s tax return…10 million earned, 1 million given to “charity”, the charity?…THE CL$NTON FOUNDATION!…  WAY TO GO SL$CK WILLY!?  They will keep 93% of that contribution too!

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