The Right Side, Part II

By J Gary DiLaura


Hillary Clinton and Toast: Both Are Done!

From the time that FBI Director Comey made the announcement that, although Hillary broke numerous laws, he did not believe there was ENOUGH evidence to prove intent in a court of law…then current and former FBI agents and executives universally began pouring out articles, emails and other communications to Comey and about Comey, criticizing and disagreeing with his opinion and interpretation! Now, new information has developed to cause him to revisit the investigation.

On Oct 3, 2016, FBI NYO executed search warrants in the Weiner Child Porn case. During that legal search they came upon a Huma Abedin laptop.  NYO Agents are the most experienced agents in the FBI and if they needed another search warrant to examine the contents looking for “wagging wieners” they would have done that.  That said, FBI NYO  knows what’s on the laptop. They haven’t read all the 10,000 emails but they must have had a warrant to allow them to look at the contents regarding the child porn case and they came upon 10,000 emails that should NOT have been there and had the legal right to examine some for pertinence to their investigation. I believe that when they realized what they had…maybe the smoking gun on Hillary’s case, they stopped, notified FBI HQ (Comey) of what they saw. What they saw must be very, very bad for Hillary!

This is similar to searching a house with a warrant for guns and finding drugs. Then getting another warrant for the drugs.

In my opinion, the only element that Comey believed was missing was “intent”. Although most agents DISAGREE with Comey’s opinion, his is the one that counts. Now for him to direct a further examination of Hillary’s emails, makes me believe that whatever they found, goes to intent… the missing element!

There is a DOJ rule (there are thousands) that states that there should not be any NEW investigations of someone running for political office within 60 or 90 days of an election as it could have a serious impact on the election. There are ALSO DOJ rules that AG Lynch violated, by secretly meeting with Bill Clinton, at a middle of nowhere airport! But that’s OK!

This new development is UNBELIEVABLE!

Reportedly, AG Lynch has now refused to authorize additional search warrants so the FBI can examine these 10,000 emails that Huma Abedin forwarded to her laptop, ALL of which would be federal felony violations!! This is the EXACT same thing the DOJ did to the FBI BEFORE 9/11, when the Minnesota FBI wanted search warrants for the computer of the “learn to fly but not take off and land Muslim.” ALL the 9/11 flight plans and escape routes were on that computer!! Do you think the FBI could have prevented 9/11…but for the useless DOJ??!! You bet your ass they could have…no… I must say, ” THEY WOULD HAVE”!!!

Some “news medias” are saying that some “low level” FBI agents don’t have clearance to examine the laptop…NOT TRUE (media idiots) ! ALL FBI agents have “need to know” clearance, period! All agents are created equal!!! They can see ANYTHING they need to know! I’ve been on board our most secret nuclear subs to conduct investigations, without any further clearance!

Of course this is not a NEW investigation and Hillary shouldn’t have dragged, stalled, lied and delayed her email disclosures for years. She shouldn’t have used the personal server, to hide her emails from FOIA, in the first place and then caused all the delays in her attempt to hide everything further. It ALL blew up in her face! It’s her own fault!

BUT, whatever they have found it has to be a MAJOR development in order for Comey to make the “announcement”, that the investigation is moving forward again, 12 days before the election! It could also be someone rolled over.

The people she surrounded herself with, will soon see that she is going to throw them under the bus, starting with Huma?! They ALL know she can’t be trusted and I still say someone close WILL cut a deal and the cards will crumble. She treats her staff like crap, and the emails show distrust, criminal knowledge and cover-ups by her staff. She has already said SHE relied upon her staff to know what’s correct and what’s not, it’s their fault! She “had” her emails destroyed by “other” people, not her! She denied she had training on classified information, even though she signed that she did, on her non-disclosure form, in front of two FBI agents when she became Secretary of State! She blames her memory lapses on a concussion caused-TBI, but she is not too brain dead to be President?!

In my opinion, it’s time for Speaker Ryan to initiate impeachment proceedings against AG Lynch for obstruction of justice in the least, and possible conspiracy to commit some very serious crimes. Impeachment for any crime is NOT pardonable by any sitting President! Go for it, Mr. Speaker!

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