The Right Side: Mr. President… JUST DO IT!


By J Gary DiLaura [FBI Special Agent; Retired];

The President of the United States has the absolute power to protect the American Citizens! He is cognizant of information that no one else has. This information comes to him from numerous Intelligence sources and confidential sources.

Because of the President’s responsibilities, he must have the ability to react without appearing before an activist judge and explaining his reasoning for decisions that directly impact the lives of Americans. Congress, recognizing the necessity for the president to be able to react quickly, passed many laws giving him the authority to make a quick decision from “pushing the button” to blocking immigrants from entering our country who would harm US Citizens. Congress provided several avenues to accomplish his tasks from Proclamations to Executive Orders and several other methods.

Certain Immigration Laws were passed by Congress, some of which were passed over a Presidential veto by the House and Senate because the Congress recognized that a President MUST have the ability in some instances to act quickly without cumbersome judicial review. Hence, the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952 emerged as such a law. This law gives the president, by Proclamation only, no other actions required, the ability to preclude individuals or groups of individuals who the President has reason to believe want to overthrow our government by force violence or intimidation or otherwise, do us harm, and enact this law for any reason he feels is necessary! He can do it by country, by region, by ethnic origin, by religion, by the color of their teeth for ANY reason he believes is justified to protect you and me! A clear precedent was set in 1979 when President Carter, by proclamation, banned all Iranian citizens from entry (one of the same countries on the current list).

President Trump should enact the 1952 law by Proclamation and should issue another Executive Order overturning all the Court Orders and ignore any new Court orders, like AG Holder did. Without authority, Holder, as AG, ignored contempt orders that were filed by more than one Federal Judge AGAINST several of his Deputy AGs, for illegal acts committed in both Ferguson and New Orleans. If AG Holder can ignore Federal AND Congressional Federal contempt orders, without Presidential approval, so can the President of the United States by Executive Orders and Proclamation!

Fight the illegal court orders after a new Supreme Court Justice is approved but in the mean time reinstitute the 1952 order and ignore any new orders, period!

Holder ignored the contempt orders because HE, as AG,  determined what gets prosecuted!!! There’s a new Sheriff in town. President Trump’s DOJ determines what gets prosecuted now, duh?! But, Mr. President, don’t go to war with no General to lead and no army to fight! Don’t issue orders that the DOJ has to enforce with no AG and without replacing all Holder appointed Deputy AGs. Every single one is an activist D AG, with no exceptions. Who the hell is advising you?  Whoever it is…fire them! Dump all Obama USAs, AUSAs, DAGs and whenever you and the Speaker can, get rid of any  Federal Judge Obama appointed. How? Defund their position!

Speaker Ryan should  proceed to defund this Judge’s position as the House did years ago when another activist Judge continued to make law from the bench. Defund this Judge’s position, staff, office, phone, utilities and toilet paper. This guy is CLEARLY ignoring law and making his own! Send these left wing activist Judges, elected officials, the State of California and any other obstructionist, a message that the President AND the REPUBLICAN Congress are not fooling around! If they want to obstruct for no other reason than to obstruct, then there will be consequences! That’s why we voted in a change of 1040 Republicans to replace Democrats  in our last election and gave the President the tools he needs to put sense back into law enforcement, the judicial system, Immigration policies and National Security!


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