Restaurant Review: Three Over Restaurant & Bar

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By: Jamie DePetris

Food Expert/Critic

Three Over Restaurant, located at the Hyde Park Golf Course on Porter Road, is by no means a new restaurant/bar for me. I have dined and have been at the bar here several times.

This place is usually packed with locals from morning til’ night. Breakfast, lunch, drinks (like what I did there? Ha!) and dinner, there is most definitely something for everyone.

Some people come to eat and other to enjoy awesome company and have a few beers. I do all of the above.

Our meal began with Quesadilla’s cooked perfectly crisp outside and gooey inside. I’m not sure why this simple dish could taste so darn good, but it did!

This could have been a meal itself, but of course I opted for more! I tried Pat’s creation, “the peanut butter bacon burger.”

Your first thought was also mine, and yes it does look as crazy as you’re picturing!



The handmade burger that might just be the juiciest thing I have ever had in my life. The bacon and peanut butter together is absolutely decadent.

You may think, “ewwww peanut butter on a burger,” but you better get that thought right out of your head because this burger will be your favorite forever.

I even went home and tried to replicate it myself. There’s a reason I’m a food critic and not a chef though because my daughter told me I should stick to my day job.

Gee, thanks Alyssa.

The fries that come with it were very good as well but, to be honest, I was too focused on my burger to think about fries.

I also managed to fit in trying the French onion soup which was superb. The broth was rich and it had just the right amount of melted cheese is mouthwatering and outstanding.

In the past I have had several meals here. A favorite? The fish fry.



For me this place is not just about the fantastic food and the thought that goes into it, but about the kindness and compassion I’ve seen each and every time I walk in here.

This place is another hidden gem that I’m sure most of you don’t know about.

Give it and try and make sure to tell them Jamie sent you!

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