Restaurant Review: Romana’s Pizza & Grill

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BY: Jamie DePetris, Food Expert/Critic


Romana’s Pizza & Grill is lo- cated at 4900 Saunders Settlement Road in Niagara Falls (connected to Dave’s Last Chance Saloon).

It is a quaint and cozy family-owned restaurant. In fact, they actually came up with the name by combining letters from their four children; RObert, MAriah, AriaNa, and Sammy. Neat right?!

You are treated like family soon as you walk in.

I personally believe that the name “Romana’s Pizza” is some sort of cover up for the many other delicious choices they have.

One of my favorite things about Romana’s is that everything is homemade (and I mean everything!).

I ordered the “meatball and stuffed banana pepper submarine,” which was ‘blow your mind’ good! I’m craving another as I write this.

Homemade meatballs covered in sauce topped with Ricotta stuffed banana peppers on a toasted roll (umm, YUM).



I also had the spicy mac & cheese and, holy cow, if the sub didn’t throw me over the edge, this definitely did! They take their home- made mac & cheese and blend it with a pureed banana pepper soup that they make fresh.

It is cream, gooey and cheesy with the perfect balance of zest and tang. Wow!!!!


Last but certainly not least, it was time for pizza and wings. The pizza is crisp and cooked just right.

The wings are meaty, crispy, saucy and delicious.

Western New York is an area known for its pizza and wings, and trust me when I tell you Romana’s did not let me down!

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