Restaurant Review: Judi’s Bar & Grill

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By: Jamie Depetris, Food Expert/Critic


Judi’s Lounge, Bar & Grill is located at 2057 Military Road across from the Prime Outlets.

Judi’s has been here for over 38 years, which means they must be doing something right!

I had the pleasure of having lunch with a friend there this past week and I am so glad we did.

The first thing that I noticed upon walking in was that Judi’s has had a major face-lift!

It’s bright, inviting, warm, and cozy with a gas fireplace. I maybe wouldn’t have enjoyed the fireplace so much if it hadn’t snowed in the middle of April. I guess that’s spring in Niagara Falls for you!

Judi’s is owned and operated by Tom, Judi, and their daughter Maria. All of which happened to be working behind the bar in some form or fashion while we were there.

It should come as no surprise to you that I had their specialty dish! It’s called the “Best of Buffalo” and comes with both of their best foods combined on one plate; Beef on Weck with six chicken wings served with chips, celery, blue cheese & horseradish.

The wings have to be one of the best in Niagara Falls. There’s just some- thing about their medium wings that’s different and unique. They are fat, juicy, crispy, and I absolutely love them!! I guarantee you will love them too!!



I had never had their beef on weck before today, but you can bet that I will the next time I’m here too!

It was served on a kimmelweck roll with just the right amount of au jus to make the inside moist.

The beef was fresh, tender and cooked just right.

Believe me when I tell you, I’ve had many things at Judi’s, but these items just stand out! Sooo good!!

In an effort to feel “healthy,” I also had the Sierra Vista Chicken Salad. Fresh Romaine with marinated grilled chicken, tomatoes, red onions, avocado, black beans, jalapenos and shredded jack cheese. It comes with a jalapeno ranch dressing on the side.



Now this is my all-time favorite salad pretty much anywhere. It is served in a huge deep bowl. Everything combined is a perfect match.

It has freshness and a bit of heat and the avocado mixed with this creamy dressing makes this my all-time favorite salad. If you are a salad eater, you need to try this!

We truly enjoyed our lunches and will be back very soon!

Judi’s also has an amazing back- room that holds 24-26 people comfortably. It can be used for parties, get togethers, fantasy football, paint nights, karaoke, and more. It is also bright, inviting, and has endless possibilities that it can be used for.

All in all, Judi’s is a great place to come to eat, drink or have a party. Stop in there soon and say hi to Judi, Tom or Maria! You will be so glad you did, and you may just become a regular.

Tell them Jamie sent you!!

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