Restaurant Review: Jonfre’s

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By: Jamie DePetris, Food Critic/Expert

Since I started writing these reviews, I have come to rely on people telling me about hidden gems across Niagara County.

Jonfre’s, located at 2623 Niagara Street in Niagara Falls, is exactly that; a hidden gem.

The most important thing about Jonfre’s though is that if you sneeze, you might miss lunch!

Lunch is served 11:30am – 12:30pm on Mondays & Tuesdays, and 11:30am – 1:00pm Wednesday through Friday.

We lucked out and made it in time, which was lucky because the place was packed!

My friend and I walked in, sat at the bar, and were greeted by Pete, the co-owner.

Within minutes we met “Cal & Al” at the corner of the bar who I’m assuming are regulars because they gave us the low down of the menu and hours. I’d bet that when you go they will be there too!

I asked Pete what he makes best, to which he responded beef on weck. Although I trusted him, I already wrote about that last week so I had to try something new!

I choose the steak & cheese sub and chili with a side of onion rings.


Steak & Cheese


One bite into my steak & cheese sub and I fell in love. It was perfect size – not huge – and had the freshest veggies I have ever had on a sub (it actually could have been a little salad on there).

The homemade chili had the perfect combination of meat, beans, and tomatoes with a bunch of cheese on top.  Chili can be hard to get right, but bOy did they!! Jonfre’s “rocked it”. So good!


Jonfre’s famous chili!!


My onion rings were big and crispy on the outside with the perfect seasoning. Delish.  I kinda felt like goldilocks, my meal was “just right.”

As we were eating, the bar started to fill up with people to have lunch and drinks. We became fast friends with everyone. I never thought our lunch review would be so much fun! It was literally like a little party. Even Pete’s wife, Tina, came out of the kitchen and sat at the bar and started chatting with us.

They are such down to earth people. I have no doubt they would talk with you the same way!

Here’s a little bit of interesting history I learned. Jonfre’s is a family owned and operated bar and restaurant that was actually opened during prohibition by two brothers, John & Fred, well over 50 years ago. And look! They’re still going strong!

I have no doubt many of you are like me and had no idea about Jonfre’s. It is a great place to have cocktails, lunch, or both! You really must give it a try. I know you will be SO glad you did.

Tell them Jamie sent you!!






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