Restaurant Review: Harris Restaurant & Catering

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BY: Jamie DePetris, Food Expert/Critic


“Harris Restaurant and Catering” is located at 630 10th street right across from Memorial hospital. Did you know it was there? I didn’t, but now couldn’t be happier to have stumbled upon this hidden Niagara Falls gem.


When I walked in with my daughter we were greeted by a husband and wife duo that sat us down and just started serving us food. They went above and beyond, and not just with the food, but with their hospitality as well.


I made the mistake of asking what they suggested to try, and from then on the plates just kept coming out one by one.


First we were served steak and cheese fries, which were crinkle cut and topped with steak, green peppers, onions, mozzarella cheese and a savory blend of seasonings.



Next we were served fish bits (and that’s exactly what they were!). Bite sized pieces of haddock with a perfectly seasoned corn meal our mix on all four sides. I literally heard a crunch each bite.


Round three was a platter with their famous “soul burger” sliders. Home- made chicken fingers, bbq chicken and asiago cheese slider. Wow!! The soul burger was out of this world.



The beef was seasoned and had specks of green peppers topped with American cheese on a buttered grilled roll.


I asked why they call it a “soul burger” and was told “because it has flavor!!” And boy was he right!!


Now I must say, chicken fingers normally do nothing for me and I never order them, but there was something about these that made me want more. They are homemade with a lightly seasoned thin and crispy crust (super good).


The bbq chicken slider was moist, tender and the combination of the chicken, cheese, the bbq sauce made this sandwich complete.


At this point I thought we were done, which would have been totally fine because we were stuffed! As it turned out though, we weren’t done yet.


Up next, a fall off the bone bbq turkey rib. Yes, turkey rib (I never had a turkey rib).


Then out came chicken and shrimp Alfredo. This was phenomenal!


The Alfredo sauce was creamy just the right amount of spices to make it have a unique delicious flavor. Both the chicken & shrimp combination was so so good.


The next plate had a pork rib, baked beans and yummy homemade mac & cheese. The rib was to die for and the beans had so many flavors with onions, peppers and ground turkey, and the macaroni and cheese did us good.



Just as we were ready to roll out of there, the owners came out with smirks on their faces and bombarded us with desserts. Banana pudding with chucks of bananas (by far my favorite) and chocolate cake topped with vanilla mousse (I felt like I died and went to heaven).


We also sampled a trio of cheesecakes: chocolate, eggnog and plain. I’m partial to the chocolate, but my goodness it was all so good. This is a literal lunch HOUR!!!!



This to date was my hardest review because we had so much food and were showered with kindness and such a diversity of different food to try.


This is a family restaurant that started off catering over 6 years ago. The food is fantastic and ridiculously cheap.


They have everything here and they can cater an intimate dinner for 2 to any size function. If you take the time to try “Harris Restaurant and Catering,” I know this will become one of your favorite places.


By the way, after my experience we decided to use “Harris Catering” for my son’s upcoming wedding! That should prove how much faith I have in them.


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