Restaurant Review: Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen

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This weeks review is of “GALLO COAL FIRE KITCHEN” located at 800 Center Street in Lewiston, New York.

BY: Jamie DePetris, Food Critic/Expert


The ambiance in Gallo is really something I haven’t experienced before. The inside is sort of rustic and uses a combination of wood and metal to give off this cool industrial look.


It’s grown on me so much that I’ve actually come here twice in the past two weeks because one of my friends has proclaimed Gallo her favorite restaurant.


During our first visit I of course had the special – maple glazed salmon – which was absolutely delicious. It was sweet yet savory and perfectly cooked with a flaky inside that literally melted in my mouth.


The Salmon was served with asparagus and rice that paired well and complimented the salmon. My friend had the pesto pizza topped with basil pesto, pine nuts, fresh- diced tomatoes and mozzarella cheese on a thin crisp crust. You could literally smell how it popped with flavor.

Our next visit was on a Wednesday, which just so happens to be half-priced wine bottle night. What? It was totally coincidence (not!).


So seeing that it was half-priced wine night we each got our own bottle of wine.


Kidding! Although truthfully now I’m regretting it.


We indulged with a nice bottle of Moscato and proceeded to start with a Caesar salad that was fresh with crisp romaine lettuce.


We had the hearth olive tapenade, which is roasted Kalamata olives made into a tapenade served with focaccia bread (a very good choice).

We had calamari that was seasoned exquisitely, cooked golden brown, and served with a marinara dipping sauce.


We also had the margarita pizza topped with tomato sauce, Romano and fresh mozzarella cheese that came out piping hot. It was fabulous!


I am totally looking forward to our third visit and cannot wait to try another meal that makes my palate water.


Go give the “Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen” a try and see if it makes you happy as well!!

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