Restaurant Review: Colosso Taco

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BY: Jamie DePetris, Food Expert/Critic

Colosso Taco & Subs has been a staple in the City of Niagara Falls for decades.

It recently moved locations from Pine Avenue to its current location at 7101 Packard Road in the Town of Niagara.

The new location is large, roomy, clean, comfortable, and very welcoming.

The food is exactly the same, which means YUMMY!! Upon entering I was greeted by the owner, Rami, who has never taken a day off since he opened the business years ago!

Although it was lunchtime and the restaurant was packed, my order was taken immediately. Before I knew it, my food was ready!

I had been frequenting Colosso Taco on Pine Avenue since I was… well, since the 80’s (a woman never reveals her age!). I would drop in on my way home from work or after a long night out on the town. The same anticipation I felt waiting for my food to be ready then is the same that I feel now!

My usual order is a cheese crisp and a small colosso taco and, although I didn’t waiver from it, I also ordered a steak and cheese sub, a homemade pastelillo, and fried dough bites. I know what you’re thinking and, NO, I was not alone!

The “cheese crisp” has always been my favorite and still is. Melted cheese on a fried tortilla topped with medium sauce and banana peppers cooked to perfection. It defintely gets me every time.

The “colosso taco” is seasoned ground beef, cheese, lettuce and tomato in a soft tortilla shell. No disappointment there.

The “steak and cheese” submarine was prepared with real steak cut thin, topped with melted cheese, lettuce and tomato, served on a fresh roll.

Then we come to the “pastelillo.” This is the first time I had ever ordered it, but WOW, it was a homemade pocket full of heaven. It is filled with meat, cheese, potatoes & peppers, wrapped in an authentic empanada shell. The pastelillo is now tied for my favorite.

I finished with the “fried dough bites,” which should be called fried dough fries if you ask me. These are insanely delicious. Crispy on the outside, delicious and soft on the inside, topped with powdered sugar. It is by far is my favorite fried dough ever.


Overall, Colosso Taco is an awesome restaurant for a quick and delicious meal or snack!!

A few things that are happening soon are: A children’s menu is coming along with specials for the kids. “Taco Dogs” are also coming! I’ll leave you in suspense of what that is exactly (but YUM). There will also be an outdoor patio this summer!

I suggest everyone go and experience why Colosso Taco has, and always will, steal my taste buds away!


Please click the link below to subscribe to a FREE PDF version of each print edition of the Niagara Reporter

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