Restaurant Review: Brickyard Brewing Company

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By: Jamie DePetris, Food Critic/Expert

Today’s review is on The Brickyard Brewing Company (BBC), located at 436 Center Street in Lewiston.

Choosing Saturday night to go out to eat might not have been the best decision because the place was packed!

Luckily, we were seated quickly and then greeted by Jessica, our friendly, and cute, little server.

It’s usually a horrible decision to go out to eat when you’re starving because you order way more food than you should have!

But despite the fact that we ordered an entire table full of food, we managed to finish everything! The food was just that good.

We had the fried gnocchi with garlic witte butter and Parmesan cheese served with a pesto aioli dipping sauce. No questions asked, these were to die for. Just pick them up with your fingers and pop them in your mouth!



We then had the BBQ taco flight, which consists of three tacos; one brisket, one pulled pork, and one pulled chicken.  Each one was topped with avocados, napa slaw, radishes and queso fresco.  Mmmmmmmmm!

We opted for two of the beef brisket and one chicken. Each taco was on a soft shell and loaded to the brim with flavor! I actually ate two and a half myself.

I also tried the Thai chicken salad, which is by far my favorite Lewiston salad to date!

It consists of romaine hearts, edamame, green peppers, cucumbers, napa cabbage, wonton crisps, and cashews topped with peanut vinaigrette.

Salads don’t always fill you up, but this one definitely will. It is huge!

It is refreshing everything is crispy and fresh.  The different textures make this my absolute favorite.

Lastly, we had the Margherita Pizza, which had a crispy and delicious crust topped with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil and garlic. It might be pure simplicity, but it is the great taste that makes this so great.

By the time we were finished, it is safe to say neither of us had room for dessert!  The meals were incredible as well as the drinks, but it was our amazing waitresses, Jessica and Bianca, that truly made the night one to remember.

There is definitely something here for everyone, so please give this gem a try!

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