Restaurant Patio Seating Re-Opening in North Tonawanda

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By: Staff Reporter

Because the signs of re-opening North Tonawanda are positive, city leaders are making decisions to let business and recreation areas reopen on a case by case basis.  One notable feature is the allowance of restaurants to open patio seating in accordance with NY State protocols and SLA approval if required.

Alderman at Large Robert Pecoraro was at the forefront of this establishment along with the North Tonawanda Building Inspector Cosimo Capozzi.  Alderman Pecoraro saw the need to fast track the approval for restaurants to reopen because he witnessed this need based on his leadership in the Chamber of Commerce of the Tonawandas and Mr. Capozzi agreed stating, “Anything we can do to expedite this would certainly be welcomed.”

If a restaurant who like to be approved for patio seating, please submit your site plans to the Building Inspector along with the permit application to get the process started.  Concurrently, while the site plan is being reviewed, the North Tonawanda Legal Department will ensure all liability insurance is in place for safe operation.

Alderman Pecoraro concluded, “The sooner we can safely open up our business establishments, the better for it will be for everyone”.



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