Restaino Endorsed by Niagara County Conservative Party in Bid for Mayor of Niagara Falls

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The Niagara County Conservative Party has announced that Robert M. Restaino has received the endorsement of the party for office of Mayor of the City of Niagara Falls.


In announcing the endorsement, Chairman Daniel Weiss stated, “Mr. Restaino has shown his ability to work collaboratively and maintain a responsible fiscal plan during his time on the Niagara Falls School Board, serving as president.  Our party believes that the stability, leadership and effort he has exhibited is precisely what is needed to repair the growing budget crisis in Niagara Falls.”

Mr. Weiss went on to commend Restaino on his plan to collaborate with other government entities to find ways to deliver services to the community in a cost effective manner along with taking a more aggressive approach to bring new business to Niagara Falls to increase opportunity and revenue.

“Robert Restaino, in his own business, has maintained a professional ability to work through the difficult circumstances of clients and businesses in the area, that talent will be very valuable in the current fiscal climate in Niagara Falls and our party strongly believes that Robert’s professional skill will serve the city well.”



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