Restaino Continues Call For Niagara Falls COVID-19 Testing Center

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By: Robert M. Restaino

Mayor of Niagara Falls

While ramping up diagnostic testing is long overdue, it is disappointing that the state has chosen to place a drive through diagnostic center at the campus of NCCC.  Niagara Falls has over twice the number of positive COVID-19 cases of any other location in Niagara County and I have repeatedly requested more testing for the City, expressing my concerns for the elderly, minority and the poor in our community – population sectors that have shown a statistically increased risk.

The placement of the drive through facility at the NCCC campus, without any consultation with local government, ignores the population sectors with the most risk along with the public transportation limitations for those sectors from Niagara Falls to the NCCC campus.  Certainly I welcome the additional diagnostic testing and accompanying this statement you will find the State Department of Health guidelines and contact numbers.

I would encourage all Niagara Falls residents that fit the guidelines to take advantage of this testing site to the extent you are able.  I will continue to press for a local center in Niagara Falls as our city continues to fight this virus.


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