Restaino and Other Local Officials Attack Trusted Traveler Status Ban

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By: Tony Farina

The battle between the Trump Administration and New York State is escalating and according to state and local officials the fallout from the loss of trusted traveler status imposed by Trump’s Homeland Security Department could negatively impact Western New York’s economy.

The state has filed a federal awsuit claiming the federal government’s actions blocking Global Entry and other programs that help travelers avoid security lines is intended to punish the state for new laws that allow unauthorized immigrants get drivers licenses.

Niagara Falls Mayor Robert Restaino is among the local officials targeting the federal government’s actions, saying “don’t penalize New York businesses and don’t cripple communities that are trying to make sure that they can grow and continue to grow their local economy.”



Restaino, in a statement released over the weekend and in comments made Monday in Buffalo, said the Trump administration’s actions will damage business, trade, and commerce that local economies rely upon for their economy.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo charged that many states have approved laws allowing people who are not legal residents to get a driver’s license and that Trump is going after New York in a way “that not only inconveniences travelers, but also creates very real security issues.”

Local officials warn the Trump ban would seriously undermine cross-border travel between the U. S. and Canada and potentially create very serious economic consequences to local economies.  They are urging the federal government to reverse the ban.

The state’s lawsuit was filed in federal court in Manhattan on Monday.


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