Restaino Administration to Put ‘Freeze’ on Airbnb’s in Niagara Falls

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The Niagara Falls City Council will take a look at short-term room rentals like Airbnb during a 90-day moratorium on the rentals expected to be approved unanimously this week by the council.

Council Chairman Chris Voccio says there are both pros and cons with the short-term rentals but adds some of them have “questionable health and safety issues.”

The council review which will include city officals and landlords will work to develop new regulations, according to Voccio.

One supporter of the review is Mayor Robert Restaino who says we want to make sure “we’re doing it correctly,” and that includes regarding fees and health and safety requirements.

Restaino suggested the rentals are everywhere, “sort of in a haphazard way,” adding he’s looking for the right approach.


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