Residents Voice Ideas for Former Wendt’s Dairy Site

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The City of Niagara Falls, through the Department of Economic Development, issued a Request for Proposal for the former Wendt’s Dairy site located along Buffalo Avenue in the LaSalle neighborhood. The parcels offered for development include 8450 Buffalo Avenue and 8411 Troy Avenue.

The site that once processed milk and juice Wendt’s, Niagara Milk Co., and Upstate Niagara, offers tremendous potential for prosepctive developers to transofrm it into any number of things.

One thing is for sure, residents in Niagara Falls have tons of ideas on what they would like to see:

Denny Soliday: “I could turn that place into one hell of a restaurant/upscale banquet hall/brewery.”

Mike Alfiere: “Brewery/ restaurant.”

Eileen Kazukietas-Schnettler: “Brewery and casual restaurant … good for the locals and good for tourists. Downtown Buffalo and Rochester can do it, so should we!”

Robert Russell: “The city needs something for the children to do. An arcade, roller rink, or even a high-quality, low-cost buffet. Golden Corral or Cici’s Pizza come right to mind, especially with Golden Corral offering kids eat for 99 cents.”

Mark Yavno: “Wendt’s RollerDerby & Disco Palace.”

Joe Marielle: “I think the Neighbors would rather have an abandoned Building. They were happy when Wendt’s closed.”

Chris Fortin: “A training center for advanced manufacturing.Such as the skills needed for solar panel production.”

Frank Bauhm: “It’s not what would you, a city resident, like to see done with the facility, the reality is, what will Dyster’s Buffalo campaign donors want to do with the facility?”

Lew Blevins Jr.: “A youth center and concert hall for LaSalle children.”

Juanita Hurtya: “Rollerskating/gamers lounge /nerd restaurant.”

Chris Melson: “A museum some actual culture would be awesome.”

Dan Dusher: “Restaurant and new housing.”

Theresa Moraca Brockman: “Some type of clean industry with new jobs.”

Chuck Page: “A chocolate factory with a retail store where the diner used to be.”

Mike Fratello Sr: “As a former employee, I would love see anything in there. They butchered the insides, but structurely the place is sound. At one point it was a fallout shelter. I think it would be great for offices upstairs and warehousing on the ground level.”

Marsha Cochrane BuenzowMarsha: “50’s diner…..juke boxes and all.”

Doug Croll: “Rec center, inside basketball, ping pong, pool table, exercise area. area with internet for quiet time and homework. social place for kids to hang out like LaSalle YMCA was back in the day.”

Mike Cody: “A new home for SuperFlea.”



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