Republican Candidate in Heavy Democratic US 26th District Has Platform Including Severing NYC From Rest of State

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By: Reporter Staff

The longshot candidate for the 26th Congressional District on the Republican line, Rick Donovan, has a few suggestions for voters to consider and is warning voters that the Democrats in Congress will try to usher in a socialist agenda!
Donovan is also worried that mail in voting will pave the way for a democrat-socialist takeover of the nation.
“The Democratic National Committee is pushing for mail-in voting. Let’s not confuse this mail-in voting with absentee voting,” said Donovan. “With absentee voting, the boards of elections know who you are. With mail-in voting there is a tremendous potential for fraud in the U.S. and coming from China. Our government confiscated over 20,000 false Identification cards coming from China. Remember there are NO unions, NO pensions, NO private ownership of property under a socialist government like China, or what the U.S. could become under leftist Democratic control. Stand up and go and vote.”
Donovan claims the Democrats have used the COVID pandemic to curtail freedomsof speech and assembly and thinks it is reprehensible that people are prevented from going to church while “hundreds of people can go to Home Depot, Lowes and Wal-Mart big-box stores, and let’s not forget that abortion clinics are open.  Blue states continue to experience rioting and looting involving hundreds of people with no stopping of it by these Democratic governors and mayors. The DNC and especially Gov. Cuomo have put restrictions on worship which is our fundamental right under the Constitution. Just think about what the Blue States and the DNC are doing now by trampling our religious rights with relative impunity. What’s next, the trampling of our 2nd Amendment rights? That’s why it’s so important to vote Republican this November 3rd.”.
Donovan said if he is elected to Congresshe will:
* Vote for the separation of New York City from the rest of New York State
* Vote to increase Social Security only to Americans who paid into it
* Try to bring NASCAR racing to the Niagara falls area to boost its economy
* Call for school choice nationwide and ending the socialist agenda in the teaching of our children in public schools
* Build supersized trade schools in the Buffalo and Niagara Falls
 Donovan is running against Brian Higgins who is widely expected to win reelection.
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