Report of Dead Body at Town of Niagara Home Comes Up Empty, But Police Not Yet Telling Full Story

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In the early evening of July 17th, 2018, New York State Police arrived at Pretoria Street after there was a call to them of a dead body at a home.


There were multiple reports from neighbors that were reported on which have turned out not to be true. One such example was that there were body parts scattered throughout the property. Police have said this is not true.


Police are not commenting on their presence at the home throughout the night and if, or what, was done during that time, but collected massive amounts of evidence in the early morning hours, lasting until around 2:00pm, on Wednesday July 18th.


Police have confirmed that there was no dead body at the scene to reporters, but would not explain why they collected so much evidence throughout the day. 


There is more to this story and the Niagara Reporter will bring you the latest as it happens.



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