Reader disputes “still not asking for it” picture Grandinetti posted on Facebook

  • Last week in our story  “Grandinetti & Rape Culture” we reported that Council member – woman’s rights activist Kristen Grandinetti posted this picture on her lively and active Facebook page:


One of our readers, Jonathan Rogers disagrees with Ms. Grandinetti and her premise. He wrote:

Re: Grandinetti & Rape Culture and the woman pictured on page 9,  Jan 28th/Feb 3 issue: “Still Not Asking For It” she claims, but if this woman is not asking for it that’s funny because she acts like she is asking for it.  If this is what a woman does when she is not asking for it, migod what would she be doing if she was?

Actions speak louder than words. This woman is conveying a provocative double message.  She is legally permitted to do so, but whether it’s naively playful or wickedly deliberate, she is playing with fire.  Human society is not 100% safe, but we have strong survival instincts and we need everyone to rely on them.  Like, we don’t smoke when fueling our cars.

It would solve the problem if men had no desire for sex with women.  If gasoline were not flammable we could smoke while fueling, but then cars wouldn’t run and we would hear lamentations from women in desire of a ride.

Yours truly,

Jonathan Rogers

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