Public Alert for Farmers

Lockport,NY – Law enforcement across the region was made aware of an animal activist meeting taking place on Saturday, April 15th.  The meeting was advertised on social media as a forum to encourage animal rescue.  It further offers instruction on stages of animal rescue, researching of facilities and winning at trial.  This group is actively recruiting individuals for this purpose.  All farmers in the area need to be aware and stay alert of suspicious activity related to this meeting.  This past weekend two farms in the Newfane area experienced suspicious activity and reported that to law enforcement.  Individuals typically arrive by vehicle and attempt to do surveillance of the farm.  The intent of the surveillance is to gather information for a potential rescue of farm animals.

Sheriff Filicetti stated, “any illegal action taken by these individuals will be treated as criminal activity.  The entering of private property, entering of buildings or stealing of livestock is a crime.  Law enforcement in Niagara County will be vigilant for any of this activity and take appropriate action if a crime is committed. I stand with our farmers and the protection of their property.”

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