The Right Side

By J Gary DiLaura

I listened to our President Trump speak to the UN today and could not be more proud of our president and what he said! He put Iran and North Korea on notice that we WILL annihilate the entire country of N. Korea (interpreted to ANY nation) before we allow “Rocket Boy” to become capable of attacking the United States with nuclear weapons. The N. Korean UN Ambassador was sitting almost next to President Trump, so he got an ear full! Expect Rocket Boy to throw a temper tantrum by… firing more rockets!

As Americans, we need to understand how dangerous it would be to our way of life for either “Rocket Boy” or El Supreme-o (the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei) to have the capability to deliver a nuclear device anywhere near the United States. As I reported earlier, it doesn’t take an ICBM capable of reaching our shores from either country to lay waste to our nation. A portable “rocket” launcher on a tanker or container ship 100 miles from our shores with an H-bomb will KILL your power for YEARS, not months. The IMP resulting from a nuclear device is real, factual, here and now, not a theory nor possibility!! IT IS FACTUAL! It could happen tomorrow!

As far as Iran is concerned, you should ALL know that Iran is the sponsor of or is responsible for 99% of ALL terrorism in the world, according to ALL sources! When Jimmy Carter made Iran a terrorist nation by helping remove the Shah of Iran and replacing him with, what he actually believed was a humanitarian, the Ayatollah Khomeini, he created a monster who immediately showed his humanitarian side by kidnapping 52 Americans from the American Embassy in Tehran!

They remained hostages until the very day President Reagan took the oath of office… purely coincidental, any good Democrat would claim!

Over and over the Ayatollah and Iranian President Tommy “I need a job” said they will annihilate America and Israel! Do you think they are playing “Truth or Consequences?” Do you think they are spending the billions of dollars their fellow Muslim, Barack Obama, gave them, on nuclear research, missiles, weapons, tanks, just for the hell of it? Would N. Korea trade an H-bomb with Iran for one of their more capable missiles?

Korean leader, Rocket Boy (really good name) is nuts with power. He killed his own brother and uncle and who knows who else, just to gain power. He believes that Americans are as weak and as dumb as our previous president Obama. He saw Obama cave into Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan… why shouldn’t he believe that President Trump and his America are just as weak? Had Obama honored his oath of office to protect and defend us, we would not be facing war! How could any world leader who saw Obama turn coward time and time again, possibly believe that that coward isn’t the backbone of America? They all believe we are cowards thanks to the likes of Obama and that is a FACT!

Now we are going to have to prove we are not cowards, in order to survive, because of 8 years of disastrous decisions! Had Obama not given Iran billions, had Obama not drawn and then run from the “red line,” had Obama not given the Muslim Brotherhood F-16 fighters, had Obama not decimated our military and then filled it with gender challenged soldiers, had Obama not been a Muslim, and on and on, we would not be in this situation and those who put him in office are SOLELY the ones to blame. Think about it… how our two biggest threats have gained power from two inept Democratic presidents Carter and Obama! Neither of our two President Bush administrations gave these animals power… so who did? The beginning of a terrorist Iran cannot be disputed, those who put a peanut farmer in power are 100% responsible for the debacle that followed. Remember 20% interest rates? Who would you blame for that? Please… don’t let the facts and truth cloud your answer!

So when this President has to pull the trigger… think twice before you hypocrites start the blame machine with your sharp tongues and look to the mirror to find your scapegoat! That’s correct… it’s YOU… YOU who are responsible for your voting results and not someone else… you idiot!

That’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it!!!

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