Property Owners Up in Arms Over Governor Cuomo’s Eviction Moratorium


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By: Staff Reporter

The Binghamton Property Owners Unite social media page released the following statement directed at Governor Andrew Cuomo regarding the eviction moratorium in New York State. A link to their website can be found here:



Dear Andrew Cuomo,

I’d like to show you an example of how your moratorium on evictions is being used and abused by the tenants of this state.

Maya Barum was due to be evicted 3/26/20. Courts closed I believe on 3/21/20. At the time she owed 6 months back rent. She continued to live in my house without paying a single $$ in rent. The house was condenemed in October 2020. But she remained in the property until approximately late November. This evening I went to the property to assess the situation. Shes owes $12,400 in rent.

The house was condemned over 70 days ago. She vacated over 30 days ago. While cleaning the apartment out the downstairs tenant (who also owes over $10,000 in rent) called Maya. Who called the police. When they arrived I had the apartment about 75% cleaned out. Maya claimed she still lived there and I threw away all her stuff. The police issued me an appearance ticket, which I’m 100% confident will be dismissed immediately.



Over the last 2 months I’ve recieved calls from DSS fraud investigation as well as child protective services. It seems she was fraudulently attempting to get welfare benefits dispite being way over the income limits (but paid NO RENT) Additionally she deliberately ran up the water bill which was just assessed to my taxes of over $10,000. Due to your moratorium I have collected exactly $0 in 2020 on this entire house, yet I still have a mortgage and insurance to pay. And the biggest joke of all, the government expects me to pay taxes with a $10,000 water bill attached to it.

Your moratorium is not stopping the spread of covid and you aren’t helping anyone. You enable Maya and thousands of people like her to scam the system and bankrupt their landlords. You need to return the rights to my property immediately. If you are a landlord that read this until the end please feel free to share your experience here and to visit my website

I need your help if things are to change. See photos below for an idea of what I am dealing with.


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