Preservation Buffalo Niagara releases new Strategic Plan for 2023-2026

BUFFALO, NY – Preservation Buffalo Niagara (PBN) has released their 2023-2026 Strategic Plan, outlining new strategies to advance the Buffalo-Niagara Region through preservation.

The plan outlines the areas of focus for the next three years, and how Preservation Buffalo Niagara can better serve the Buffalo-Niagara Region.

The full 2023-2026 Strategic Plan is available to view on the PBN website at

PBN’s plan includes three guiding principles to serve as a framework for decision-making and planning for the next three years:

1. PBN believes it has a role to play in creating a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, sustainable, and accessible community. All its programs, policies, and projects will be aligned to meet these objectives.

2. PBN’s current board members, staff, funders, and partners are ready for the organization to make a proactive shift in its focus and priorities. PBN commits itself to getting the right people in the room and will devote a considerable amount of time and resources toward developing relationships and building out and diversifying its base of support, both financial and otherwise.

3. To be effective, attract funding, and sustain its work long-term, PBN will align its efforts around a prioritized set of strategic focus areas and a defined service area concentrated in Niagara and Erie Counties.

Margie Pawloski, Chair of the Board of Trustees, has said, “After a year-long strategic planning process, we are tremendously proud to debut the 2023-2026 Strategic Plan for Preservation Buffalo Niagara. I am certain this plan will serve as a comprehensive and powerful guide in preservation work across Western New York for the next three years!”

“This plan does not change PBN’s mission or vision,” said Interim Executive Director Corey Fabian-Barrett. “Rather, the new plan hones and sharpens our focus to better tackle the challenges facing our communities and enable our team to carry out our mission and vision more effectively. We’re excited to explore the best paths forward for people across our region.”

With the new plan, PBN commits to reforming traditional preservation practices, addressing their inequities, and expanding their reach. We will demonstrate that historic preservation can be fully representative and that saving historic resources of all kinds can celebrate the region’s diverse history, catalyze economic development, support environmental sustainability, advance social justice, and contribute to community health and wellbeing.

The full 2023-2026 Strategic Plan is available to view on the PBN website at

About Preservation Buffalo Niagara

Preservation Buffalo Niagara is the region’s only direct action professionally staffed preservation organization, empowering Western New York communities to champion historic preservation as a means of creating a more culturally rich, vibrant, affordable, and sustainable community.

Learn more about our work and latest programs at

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