‘Pothole Killer’ Takes a Dive

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Niagara Falls pothole filling machine falls through road weakened by water main break.


By: Nicholas D. D’Angelo


You often hear residents in Niagara Falls joke about the potholes lining almost every street.

In fact, hardly a day goes by after spring begins where residents do not comment on the poor conditions of our streets.

Some residents joke about planting flowers in potholes that are large enough.

Others, however, laugh about falling into a pothole and not being able to get out.

As ill-humored, or funny, as the pun may be, it finally happened on Thursday May 17th as the city’s ‘pothole killer’ fell through a sinkhole at the intersection of 18th and South Street.

Let that ‘sink in’ for a moment.

The sinkhole is said to be caused by ground weakened by a nearby water main break that had not been detected by the Niagara Falls Water Board.

The ‘pothole killer’ was not damaged in the incident and no one was harmed. The water main and sinkhole have been fixed.

The ‘pothole killer’ resumed work the following day.

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