PHOTO GALLERY: Dual-Border Demonstration to Protest Police Brutality in Niagara Falls on June 6th

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Mayor Robert M. Restaino and a resident kneeling during the demonstration.


By: Reporter Staff

On Saturday, June 6th, 2020, dozens of individuals gathered for a peaceful demonstration to protest police brutality and systematic racism. The event was organized in conjunction with a protest directly across the border in Canada. In effect, it was a dual-border event.

In attendance was Niagara Falls Mayor Robert M. Restaino, Councilman Andrew Touma, Sheriff Michael Filicetti, Chief Tom Licata, members of the Niagara Falls Peacemakers, numerous pastors, and residents.

A highlight of the event was participants kneeling for more than eight minutes in honor of George Floyd. Demonstrators then took turns speaking.




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