People’s Voice Edition: Tow Truck Fee Increase Passes

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Robert Russell: So now, fellow citizens, who do you think that cost is going to get passed down to? That’s right. You and me.

Now, let us explore how things got to such a state. Casino gaming comes to Niagara Falls to great applause, promising increased jobs, more revenue for the city, and better quality of life. Then we elect Paul Dyster, who decides he is the only one who can decide what to spend the money on.

And what are some of the highlights of his spending? Paying a multi-million dollar corporation to host concerts featuring washed-up singers so he could booze around backstage with them. Paying for a holiday market that totally ripped us off and left us with empty sheds. Gave away patronage positions and raises like Santa giving presents at Christmas. Through having no engineer, allowed simple projects (courthouse, Lewiston Rd) to have skyrocketting costs.

Then, when casino funds stopped coming in, instead of being fiscally responsible, he kept casino funds in the budget and borrowed to get the funds, so that, when we got our back pay, it was already spent. And then he spent $40 million on a train station NOBODY needed/wanted, and that the city can’t afford to maintain.

See a pattern here? Dyster. It’s time to wake up, Niagara Falls. We’ve had Dyster for almost 20 years in some form of public office, and are no better for it. Instead, we are financially bankrupt, home to high crime rates, a higher number of pedophiles per capita than anywhere else in the state, streets that make Beirut look as smooth as ice, and high taxes. And now this.







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