People’s Voice Edition: Resolution Sparks Speculation that Reassessments are Back on the Table

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Frank Bauhm: The Dyster administration spent at least one fifth of a BILLION dollars in taxpayer casino funds and is SOMEHOW broke. That deserves an INVESTIGATION not a reassessment.


Charlie McNeely: Since the streets are paved with gold you shouldn’t mind a tax increase.


John Russell: If even the thought of a property tax increase gets close, I’m out of here. I have completely had it with this city and their inexperience to run this city financially. I’m done paying for the mistakes. I’m retired now so I can go at a moments notice.


Louis Rizzo: It’s not the reassessment that scares me it the tax rates here the highest in the Nation. What do we get in return? 70% of the population collecting some sort of public assistance, highest crime city in the State ranked 51st in the Nation, streets impassable lined with pot holes, low rated school system, lowest property values in the Nation and the list goes on. The more taxes we pay the worst it gets and let’s not forget 20% of the housing stock is abandoned. This is truly a disgrace.


Joanna Jo Romano: They don’t remotely care if we move we will get replaced by foreigners, pedophiles and low income to enhance his poverty industry. That’s why a former councilwomen constantly said, “you’re not a tree, move.”


Eric Festor: Sure local government screws up the budget, raise assessments, raise taxes, who cares!!!






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