People’s Voice Edition: Readers Weigh in on Niagara Reporter

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Readers Give Opinion on the Niagara Reporter



Alyssa Roberts:

“You have the best, true investigative reporting of any publication in western NY, by a large margin. You broke the NXIVM Raniere cult story in Albany over a year ago, now it’s finally getting traction nationwide and even on the CBC! My Gramps and parents always bring your paper home from Tops!”


Patty Jo Soluri:

“That’s the way I get all my new in the Falls.”


Sandy McAllister Masterson:

“I look for you every week!”


Sharon M. Harshman:

“Only truthful paper around!”


Ann LaMonte:

“The best , they tell it the way it is! Thanks!”


DL West:

“Thank you. I only read your paper.. The Niagara Falls paper don’t tell you nothing.. If I want to find out what is going on in Niagara Falls I buy the Buffalo News.. But for the truth on the city’s happening.. I read your paper.. I look forward to reading your thank you’s. You are the best. Love it please never stop writing.. Please keep printing.. City official’s hate your paper.. No names mentioned.. Mr Mayor D.. Oh my lol my bad.. And others in office.. Lol slipped again.”


Linda Hamilton Barksdale:

“The Niagara Gazette is ‘too far left!’ I have not purchased one in years. The only thing worth reading are the obituaries and local sports. Any other news, one can find it on social media or online copycat AP. The online Buffalo News is also a good source. I previously read the Niagara Reporter but I don’t get out often. I love it’s true insight to what is going on in the community. As the youth says, ‘They keep it real’ or, “tells it like it is.” Also, would love to see the obituaries. Great job Niagara Reporter!”


Robert Brock:

“Finally, a neutral news source. I’ve eliminated all of the left liberal Rags from my life.”


Michael Mooney:

“This newspaper is the only newspaper in the area, to provide local coverage about Niagara Falls. One of only a few things missing are, the obituaries.

It’s a sad commentary, that I had to give up a twenty-something plus year subscription to the Buffalo News.

I refuse to buy the Niagara Gazette, because it is not worth the powder to blow it to hell (or worthy of any further comments).

If, The Niagara Reporter becomes more comprehensive in its coverage, of both Niagara Falls, (and the surrounding areas, including the Buffalo/surrounding regions) with other staff writers, I would be more than willing to pay what I paid for the Sunday edition of The Buffalo News.

This ( Reporter) publication, has the profound propensity to outshine anything that has been published in the last 30+ years.

And it’s in color!

Well, Kudos. Keep on improving this publication and you will have a following like no other in recent history. Thank you for providing coverage that tells it like it is.”









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