People’s Voice Edition: Overtime Scandal at Niagara Falls Water Board

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Overtime Scandal at Niagara Falls Water Board


Ken Cosentino:

“Why is it that journalists have to take the lead on this? I truly hope that there’s an

investigation into this since it’s obviously been going on for quite some time.”



Xtian Printup:

“This is incredibly disgusting news. Kudos to the two gentlemen who have stepped in & started to right this rotten ship.”




Max Teller:

“This Water Board is truly amazing. No private business could ever get away with this crap.”




Scott Nassoiya:

“No wonder my water bill was so much…”




Chris Millette:

“Umm, 1.9 million is a LOT of money for 2 years!!!! Smh!!!!”




Michael Paul Reilly:

“The most Niagara Falls story ever.”



Craig Simpson:

“Where do I apply?”



MaryAnn Colangelo:

“Back in 2015 when all the water pipes were freezing a family member had no water for over a month. Despite their protests they still had to pay a minimum water bill despite having no water. They never came back to fix the line problem. Reading this and thinking about how they wouldn’t budge on that $25 bill sent to people who had no access to water makes me angry.”




Neil Livergood:

“There should be a criminal investigation started. If I were a Niagara Falls Resident I would contact the New York State Attorney General. If anyone submitted paperwork for overtime they didn’t work that is a crime. That is punishable whether they have retired or not. Your comments here will need to be followed up. You want to stop government corruption lodge a complaint not with City of Niagara Falls but with the state attorney general.”




Gary Broderick:

“Wow, way to screw Falls residents! Glad to see someone finally paying attention and putting a stop to it…”



Chuck Leone:

“Dude should be made to pay all that back or go to jail for theft.”




Geno Fucarino II:

“Past and present employee’s should be investigated and thrown in jail.”



Sal Bianco:

“No honor among thieves.”



Brock Christin Biro:

“NF corruption is real.”



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